ITSWHY’s journey as an artist started in Morocco in 2007, Self-taught, he strived to master the style of popping, his specialty. He developed a very unique style with a high recognition value – a very important characteristic in the world of arts. With over 12 years of professional experience and a broad range of urban dance and music knowledge, this richness and complexity is part of his identity.



Today, the Berlin based artist ITSWHY has been involved in several stage performances as a DJ, Producer and a dancer. His work involves festivals, club performances, theatre pieces, dance events, musicals, film scoring, music records, charity events and Social work projects. 

Over the past decade he was on the road sharing his knowledge & art on an International level. As he is involved in many Hip Hop related projects, New York, Detroit, Chicago, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Prague, Casablanca, Frankfurt & Leipzig

are some of the cities that he had the chance to visit, share & learn more about the culture and hisself.